Libya: France’s Clandestine Moves Expose NATO’s Desperation


Thursday, June 30, 2011

The real intentions behind NATO’s invasion of Libya on the pretext of solving humanitarian problems have been clear for long despite the persistent denial by the political forces behind the military campaign there.

Nothing can be hidden from the world any more. The fading away of the cacophonous refrain of “Gaddafi must go” notwithstanding, all actions being taken are pinpointed at getting rid of Gaddafi.

As the stalemate persists, NATO has indeed become desperate beyond measure. France has just exposed that desperation by giving us one concrete evidence. Continue reading


Boko Haram’s Terrorism Does Not Threaten Only Nigeria


June 28, 2011

The Nigerian government has imposed a curfew on the national capital city, Abuja, following recent attacks by Islamist militants. Nightclubs, beer parlours, and cinemas must close by 10pm local time (2100 GMT) and public parks that admit children should close by 6pm.

Abuja city’s administration said it has also banned parking of vehicles on two roads where most government offices are located. Continue reading

This Dr. Asemfoforo and his Foot-soldier Nonsense Must Stop!


June 28, 2011

The conduct and utterances of some political party activists are annoying. Some of those activists are patently undisciplined and have become notorious for either perpetrating violence or acting recklessly to give our politics a bad name.

They have been noticeably wayward over the past two years, claiming to be NDC foot-soldiers who are embittered at not being compensated by the government despite all the efforts they made to put the NDC back in power.

It is ironical that those creating problems for the government are its own party’s followers. They have set in motion what Ghana politics doesn’t need. Continue reading

Libya’s Gaddafi: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? (Part II)


June 27, 2011

Coupled with this tendency toward “selective amnesia” by the ICC, we have obvious instances of disquiet in the international circles too.

The powerful voices that control the UN have the penchant for using the world body to achieve their objectives. Thus, they’ve rendered the UN a puppet in their hands that they manipulate to the disadvantage of the weaker member countries.

From the happenings in the Arab World and the warped approach by these powerful voices, we can tell that they are not using the same yardstick to measure the various leaders of countries facing uprisings and demands for reforms.

It is still difficult to understand why the West would promptly rush to Libya to divest Gaddafi of his hold on power while turning a blind eye to others elsewhere whose regimes have so far done worse than Gaddafi can be accused of. Continue reading

Libya’s Gaddafi: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? (Part I)


June 27, 2011

The international arrest warrant issued against Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi by the International Criminal Court (ICC) will add a new complexion to the Libyan crisis.

The stalemate that the military option has caused isn’t going away soon nor will Gaddafi’s overthrow happen soon, given the dogged determination with which his forces are fighting despite the damaging airstrikes by NATO.

Now that the ICC has declared Gaddafi a “wanted man,” the stage has been set and the stakes raised higher for him to adopt hitherto unused strategies to prolong the fighting and avoid playing himself into the hands of his enemies.

Any such new move to intensify his resistance will annoy NATO into ramping up its devastation, regardless of where it occurs. Continue reading

Libya: U.S. Lawmakers Bare their Teeth at Obama


Friday, June 24, 2011

The BBC’s headline says it all: “House of Representatives votes against US Libya role”; and the news report itself explains matters beyond all reasonable doubts that Barack Obama’s political immaturity in the handling of the US’ involvement in the Libyan crisis is part of what will constitute a major hurdle for him as he seeks re-election next year.

According to the BBC report (June 24, 2011), “The US House has refused to give President Barack Obama authority to continue US participation in the NATO-led operation in Libya, but rejected a bid to cut off money for the conflict.” Continue reading

Senegal’s Abdoulaye Wade Confirms that African Politics Stinks!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thousands of Senegalese have begun rioting in protest against what they consider to be subtle and dangerous attempts by their President, Abdoulaye Wade, to manipulate the political system to advantage.

Their demonstration is in reaction to Mr. Wade’s proposed changes to the country’s constitution, now being discussed in Parliament.

Under the proposal, Mr. Wade wants to reduce the proportion of votes needed to win a presidential election from more than 50% to 25% to eliminate any run-off. The bill also creates the elected position of a vice-president, according to a BBC report. Continue reading