So, Kufuor and his government functionaries stole official documents too?


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sometimes, I find it difficult to believe the utterances made by some public officials, particularly when such statements are good only as a demonstration of frustration or uselessness. I have all along been tempted to disregard statements coming from government functionaries, especially those that shift blame for their own inadequacies. 

Most of such useless statements facilitate the buck passing that has dominated our national affairs over the years—and they annoy us! We have had too much buck passing under all governments, especially in this 4th Republic, beginning with the Kufuor government’s blaming the Rawlings one for leaving behind intractable problems. Then, when President Mills took over, the blame game continued. It has been so until now, and will definitely continue ad infinitum.  Continue reading


Somalia is a failed state but teaches African countries useful lessons


Friday, February 24, 2012

At long last, there is something on the horizon to assure us that the decades-long Somali crisis will be tackled to restore sanity to the Horn of Africa and relieve the world of a major headache. Somalia may be suffering the negative backlash of political instability but the world feels the pinch when the Somali pirates strike vessels plying the Indian Ocean.

In a fell swoop, the international community wants to kill many birds with one stone—a resolute determination to eradicate en bloc al-Shabab, the terrorist group! Continue reading

Kennedy Agyapong apologizes… Who goes next?


Friday, February 24, 2012

We may be tempted to heave a sigh of guarded relief at what we have just heard: that the NPP’s Kennedy Agyapong has apologized to President Mills for insulting him last Saturday. He aired the apology in an interview with Citi FM’s Umaru Sanda Amadu (Ghanaweb, February 24, 2012).

On its face value, this apology may be regarded as a show of maturity and Agyapong commended for demonstrating a sense of maturity. However, there are many aspects of his action that won’t portray his apology as genuine. First, he indicated that “he has been forced to swallow the bitter pill because of the incessant pressure mounting on him to do so,” citing calls from friends and a Pastor of the Pentecost Church as evidence.

If he were genuinely remorseful about his unguarded utterances against the President, why should he wait to be “forced” to apologize? Continue reading

Solving Ghana’s problems doesn’t call for throat slashing


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our political landscape is tense, apparently because of the hardline position taken by the various politicians to be at each other’s throat. Do we already not have the appropriate mechanisms in place for replacing one government with the other without having to resort to throat slashing?

No amount of sermonizing against using insults or physical confrontations as the main political tool seems to be catching on. There is no change for civility to drive politicking in the country because by its very nature, our politics itself is dirty—very dirty indeed! It can’t be done otherwise. Continue reading

Jailing President Mills is not the answer, NPP!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Once again, the NPP’s Kennedy Agyapong is in the news, not to attract goodwill to his party’s cause, but to continue dragging himself into the mud and to expose his party’s desperation.

Speaking at a rally in Accra on Saturday to climax the NPP flagbearer’s national listening tour, he took a turn for the worse by bad-mouthing President Mills and making very serious utterances that must not go unexamined. Continue reading

Ghana Politics: Who will be proud of this Parliament?


Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghanaians must be bothered by the manner in which our Parliamentarians are misconducting themselves. What transpired during President Mills’ presentation of the State of the Nation Address on Thursday is a clear confirmation that our Legislature is made up of people who are taking an undue advantage of Ghanaians’ patience and tolerance to create needless tension in the system.

Those among them, especially those in the Minority, going about criticizing President Mills for what they call his non-performance, gave democracy a bad name on the occasion. By turning themselves into referees to give President Mills a “red card,” they took their waywardness too far. That attitude is unbecoming of their status and they should bow their heads in shame.   Continue reading

Nobody can build Ghana through armchair criticism


Monday, February 13, 2012

A group calling itself “Ghanaians living in the diaspora” has circulated a letter, entitled “GHANA’S PRESIDENT PROFESSOR MILLS MUST STEP DOWN IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST” (See, February 12, 2012:, which has attracted my interest for obvious reasons.

Endorsed by 22 signatories resident in several countries, this letter was copied to many in the international community, including The President of the World Bank and the Chief Executive of the International Monetary Fund.

Carrying their idiocy further, this group also served the Russian Kremlin, the Central Committee of the Chinese People’s Republic, the State Department of the United States of America, the President of the European Union, and the Secretary General of the United Nations. A glance at this list quickly tells me how uninformed these so-called Ghanaian residents in the diaspora are. I will return to this issue soon. Continue reading