My “New-Year Message” of hope and optimism


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My good friends, as we bid farewell to the year 2013, it is my wish, hope, and prayer that we will look forward to 2014 and beyond with optimism and the resolve to pursue our objectives to the best of our abilities.

Indeed, 2013 came with its challenges and is leaving us with more to ponder as we take the next step into the unknown future. Will we say that we have learnt the lessons that 2013 taught us, even as it challenged us and took some of us to the breaking point?

Fortunately, we didn’t “break” and are still on our feet, bracing up for more challenges as 2014 rears its head. Continue reading


Justice for the Ya-Na is good but…


Monday, December 30, 2013

Former President Rawlings is still stridently insisting that Justice be done for the Ya-Na (Yakubu Andani II) and 40 or so of his loyalists murdered in March 2002 during the Kufuor era.

According to him, “this is the time for the people of Bawku to demand justice on the death of the Ya Na, as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will not be in power forever”.

Addressing the people of Bawku at the 26th Anniversary of the annual Samanpiid festival celebrated by Kusasis in the Kusaug traditional area of the Upper East Region, ex-President Rawlings questioned why the people of Bawku have gone quiet on the issue of the Ya Na. Continue reading

Lack of guidance and counselling: The main bane of formal education in Ghana


Thursday, December 26, 2013

My good friends, thanks to Providence, we are celebrating another Yuletide season and wishing each other “all the best that life offers”. Good to go that way because as human beings, we are gregarious and should ensure that group interests are protected. But beyond that is the individual interest too to realize.

Here is the catch. Our celebration of the coming and going of seasons won’t place us where we want to be unless we take steps to turn the table in our favour.

“Life is war”, as we say in Ghana, which is why it is important for us to know where to pick the pieces and why picking the pieces should place our country where it should be so we can stop complaining about the dire circumstances in which our people live. Continue reading

Hourly minimum wage is the answer


Monday, December 23, 2013

Friends, as agitations by organized labour for better remuneration continue to sour the relationship with government/employers, any suggestion aimed at streamlining affairs should be carefully assessed.

That Ghanaian workers have lousy work ethics is not to be disputed by anybody who has carefully monitored the labour scene.

Let it rain at dawn and in the morning and the Ghanaian worker takes a self-appointed vacation from work; let there be a problem with transportation and the Ghanaian worker is happy to play the truant and expect to be paid full-time. Continue reading

South Sudan—Another failed experiment in self-rule?


Monday, December 23, 2013

Folks, by now, you must have heard of the turmoil in South Sudan, the world’s newest country and Africa’s 55th.

It all began sometime before July this year when in-fighting within the ranks of the SPLM government exploded with President Salva Kiir dismissing his Vice (Riek Machar) and the entire Cabinet in the hope that his authority as the head of state would stay intact. Nothing seemed to have happened immediately thereafter to endanger his government, the country, and the citizens, even though the under-current was strongly being felt that the country was sitting on a time-bomb. Continue reading

The government has no moral justification for blaming Akufo-Addo


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Folks, I have for many years now been insisting that the Ministry of Information (in its former and current configurations with the addition of “Media Relations” to its name) is irrelevant to the contemporary Ghanaian system of governance.

I have also called for its abolition, simply because it is not serving any useful purpose. Whatever public/media relations work that the government needs can be done by the Communications Directorate at the Presidency if the requisite calibre of people are employed there to rake in public goodwill and not contempt or scorn for the government. Continue reading

Rumpus in the NPP: Why is Kennedy Agyapong so bitter and daring?


Friday, December 20, 2013

Folks, we can’t do without returning to hardcore national politics. After all, we have a huge stake in how our country is governed; and nothing is more pertinent than the internal workings of the major political parties. So, here with go with another look at what is happening in the NPP.

It is obvious that the under-current propelling the rumpus in the NPP is more robust than we have known so far.

Right from the moment that Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie rashly urged the NPP supporters to take to the streets and churches in white to celebrate Akufo-Addo’s victory at Election 2012, I knew something would happen to tear apart this political camp. Continue reading