This “shoot-to-kill” order against Fulani herdsmen is dangerous


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Folks, when I read earlier today a news report that the NPP MP for Asante Akyem, Kwadwo Baah Agyeman, had given an order to his constituents to “shoot and kill” whenever cattle belonging to Fulani herdsmen invade their farms, I cringed.

Not only because the order came from an MP who had no authority to issue such an order but because of the wider ramifications of the order and the likelihood of its being abused to worsen the very problem that it might have been aimed at solving.

I questioned the legality, morality, and propriety of this kind of order in a constitutional democratic era when governance calls for better approaches toward solving problems than what the MP has chosen. Continue reading


The NPP’s kind of “internal democracy” is in full gear


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Folks, I like the drama unfolding in the NPP camp. I like it that goings-on paint the kind of picture of the NPP that its leaders and followers cannot fail to see as the culmination of their “rogue” politics now turned sour.

Having expended energy and resources disparaging the NDC, the Electoral Commission, anybody or institution seen as an affront to their pursuit of political power, the NPP bigshots have now turned the dagger on each other, creating the impression that they really know how to do “rogue” politics.

From all angles, they are up in arms, verbally challenging each other for no apparent reason but that each wants to control the turf and concretize his brand of “rogue” politics. Continue reading

Nigeria is gradually being torn apart: What lessons to learn?


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Folks, Nigeria seems to be on the brink of catastrophe at many levels.

While the terrorist group Boko Haram wreaks havoc on the society in North-Eastern Nigeria, the country’s politicians gathering in the safe haven of Abuja are bickering over raw political power with the opposition threatening to block the government’s 2014 budget. And blocking the budget means straining the administration and making it difficult for it to do what it has to do to govern the country!!

The objective of the opposition is clear: to incapacitate the Jonathan Goodluck administration, weaken its grips on power, and create the unfortunate impression that it is incapable of moving the country forward. All in readiness for the next general elections for it to be voted down. As if by voting it down and installing in office these doom-mongers, anything drastically new will be brought to the table to solve Nigeria’s problems. Continue reading

Hurrah to the future cows to rule Ghana!!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Friends, let’s have some fun. The times are too rough and we need some comic relief to get us going, wherever we may be headed.

On Tuesday, this news report appeared, caught my attention, but slid away because I had other things to think of. Now, it has come back for scrutiny:

“Give your children cow milk and they will grow and think like cows—Frimpong Boateng”. Continue reading

There is a lot wrong with the Ghanaian


Friday, January 24, 2014

My good friends, I will stick my neck out to make some generalizations for a purpose.

Ghanaians have a major problem that is difficult to tackle: widespread indiscipline, disregard for law and order, and the penchant to dare the devil. There is also a strong motivation to get-rich-quickly, damn the consequences.

The consequences of all these negative traits are dire to the self and country; but who cares?

All over the country, the consequences of indiscipline are particularly noticeable. I don’t know what has come over the Ghanaian to make him or her want to do anything at all willy-nilly, provided self-interest will be served. And then, when everything backfires, the Ghanaian quickly turns round to blame the government for it. Continue reading

And the NPP officially endorses corruption in Ghanaian politics…


Friday, January 24, 2014

Folks, if you think that there is hope for Ghanaian politics to improve, you are deceived. It will not for as long as morality doesn’t guide it. And morality is simple: that which is right or wrong and why. That which is moral manifests in good ethical conduct and is appreciated as such. It is the substance that impels good politicking.

We dismiss that which is immoral as wrong, negative, and an impediment to good politics. Unfortunately for us in Ghana, immorality defines our local and national politics to a great extent. And that immorality manifests as the buying of conscience through material inducements. Plainly put, through massive bribery and corruption at all levels.

We have for long been complaining that Ghanaian politics is dirty and continues to be dirtied all the more by those who profit from that filth. The dirt comes in many forms and shapes, depending on the source and what is at stake. Continue reading

Enough of your lamentations, President Mahama!!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Folks, we are in trouble. Deep, deep, searing trouble. In the midst of plenty, we are suffering—just because we have eyes but can’t see.

President John D. Mahama said at the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) on Wednesday that his government couldn’t implement the windfall tax introduced in the mining sector in 2012 for the government to rake in 10 percent of profits made by gold-mining companies operating in the country.

He attributed the problem to threats from the mining companies to lay off many workers should the tax be rolled out. The Ghana Chamber of Mines had also earlier warned that the windfall tax would dampen the resolve of investors in Ghana’s mining sector. Continue reading