The NPP cannot break the heart of Ghanaians!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

The NPP’s National Youth Organizer (Sammy Awuku) was reported on Tuesday as urging the NPP leaders and followers to “stop breaking the hearts of Ghanaians”.

According to him, the NPP is a government in waiting and “Ghanaians are looking up to us to restore hope and redeem them from the shackle of poverty they have been plunged in by the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC)”.


Although the motivation for Sammy Awuku’s utterance was the dog-eat-dog phenomenon now threatening unity in the party, he took his audacity too far; and I want to bring him back to his station and caution him not to mistake high hopes for reality. It is a figment of his own fevered imagination that is deceiving him to think that way. Continue reading


The United States throws Libya into turmoil and runs away…


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Folks, I have heard it said several times that the US has interests but no permanent friend anywhere in the world. Certainly, it has demonstrated its military prowess in many parts of the world top confirm such an impression and to worsen it in other cases.

Happenings in Libya provide ample evidence to suggest that the US is running away from the very shadow that it created and used to insert itself in the Libyan crisis.

After putting Libya in a state of turmoil after helping opponents of Muammar Gaddafi to kill him and destabilize the country, the United States is detaching itself from that country. The nasty events in Benghazi that resulted in the killing of its Ambassador Stephens notwithstanding, the US seems to be sitting on the fence as the situation in Libya deteriorates by the day. Continue reading

Solving the “Dum… sor” crisis: God has no hand in it


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Folks, I am really pissed off by this headline: “Pray for rains to end power crisis—Energy Minister rallies Ghanaians”. Worse still is the news report accompanying it:

The Minister of Energy, Emmanuel Armah Buah, has urged Ghanaians to pray to God for enough rains into the dams to deal with the erratic power supply currently plaguing the country.

Pointing out this divine option on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana program Tuesday, Mr. Buah rallied Ghanaians saying “what we have to do is to pray that this year the rains will come enough for Bui [dam] to give us at least 200 megawatts”.

This is not the first time Ghanaians have been asked to pray for rains. In 2007, a group of Ghanaian pastors impressed by President Kufuor’s hope that “God will not allow the Akosombo dam to hang” met to pray for rains when Ghana faced a similar crisis.


The energy crisis can be solved by better means than prayers to God for rains!! Why are our government functionaries so narrow-minded in their approach to such issues? Rain is caused by many factors (We have different types of rainfall, based on how they are caused: convectional rainfall, relief or orographic  rainfall, and many others). Whether God is behind it all is none of my business. Continue reading

Is this “Dum…sor” cycle a conspiracy or…?


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Folks, the persistent electricity crisis facing the country (now characterized by the unappealing buzz word “Dum…sor”) reflects clearly the major problems that the various Ghanaian governments have failed to solve over the years because of lack of planning and good management skills.

In effect, the governments and senior management personnel have failed to provide measures for producing, conserving, distributing, and consuming electricity. The price Ghanaians have to pay is the nuisance of “Dum…sor”!

Electricity is on our lips today because the crisis facing that sector seems to be detracting from the goodwill that the public might have for the current Mahama-led administration when it comes to implementing people-centred policies. In truth, the crisis hasn’t been so acute, long, and intractable as it is under this administration. No other government is known for this “Dum…sor” irritant!

The government and the agencies responsible for the electricity sector may be doing their best to solve the problem; but their best isn’t good enough, as the situation continues to worsen and Ghanaians deepen their resentment as such. Continue reading

Malawian President gives democracy a bad name!!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Efforts at nurturing or growing constitutional democracy in Africa are often frustrated by the very people who should have known better not to tamper with the will of the people at general elections. Wherever constitutional democracy is being practised on the continent, such people always do whatever they can to pull strings for an undeserved advantage.

Malawi’s President Joyce Banda is the latest. We know the circumstances under which she got elevated to that position and how she administered affairs of Malawi. We also know the history of Malawi ever since its first President Hastings Kamuzu Banda planted himself in office to behave as if his world would know no end. But the end came for him to usher the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy into office.

Many things happened until Ms. Banda’s assumption of office and the measures that she has implemented for weal or woe, leading to the general elections to pit her against other candidates. She is in power, indicating that she shouldn’t fear being voted down if her government has done what the Malawian citizens expect.

Even before the counting of votes could begin, Ms. Banda shocked her people by alleging electoral malpractices (rigging, multiple voting and computer-hacking) and taking a quick step to annul the Tuesday elections. Let’s hear her: Continue reading

Why has the United States given itself so much authority?


Thursday, April 22, 2014

My good friends, it is beyond doubt that the United States is powerful just because of how it conducts its affairs to suggest that it has the economic and military clout to determine the ebb-and-flow of world politics.

After luring the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on a wild arms race that ended in its favour for it to emerge as the only so-called super-power, it has dictated terms all these years and portrayed itself as the Godfather of all systems in this universe.

Its democracy is centuries old and admired for whatever it may mean to those who regard it as the “Father of Democracy” or anything else, depending on which side of the coin is seen and used for the assessment of credentials. Continue reading

Russia’s Putin is no Nazi


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Folks, I am always intrigued by stories of this sort:

“A former Polish war refugee who met Prince Charles in Canada has said he likened some Nazi actions in Europe to those of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Marienne Ferguson was speaking after meeting Prince Charles at a Nova Scotia immigration museum where she works”.

Speaking from China, President Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told the BBC he was “not commenting right now” on the remarks.


Phew!! Undermining Putin and painting him black? What for? Continue reading